Why Caitlyn Jenner Shouldn’t be Woman of the Year

Why Caitlyn Jenner Shouldn’t be Woman of the Year

By Kimmy Claussen  Posted December 16, 2015

“Woman of the Year.” Just saying that statement, many people come to mind. Women who have made a positive impact in the world we live in or a woman who has overcome obstacles to get to where she is today. Caitlyn Jenner should not be a woman that comes to mind.

Though Caitlyn was incredibly brave to make this transition for the whole world to see, it was nothing to be awarded for. Some people seem to forget that many other women (and men) have made that exact same transition and haven’t had the support that Caitlyn Jenner has had.

Caitlyn Jenner did something for herself, and though it was an incredibly brave thing to do, she didn’t do this for anyone else except for herself.

Being “Woman of the Year” should mean that you have done something or many things for other people that have changed the world that we live in. For example, Malala Yousafzai. You may not recognize the name right off the bat but she is an activist for female education and at just 18-years-old she is the youngest person ever to win the Nobel Prize. Another possible candidate would even be the first-ever professional female football coach Jennifer Welter who coached linebackers for the NFL team the Arizona Cardinals. These are women who have made a difference in our society and showed that it is most definitely not a “man’s world”. They have done something that has made history for women.

Caitlyn Jenner is receiving recognition for something regular people do as well; it’s not like she was the first one to do this. Though it has raised awareness and possibly made society more sensitive to the effects of being or becoming a transgender person, it is not something she did to “raise awareness” or anything along those lines. She did it so that she could express who she is and who she had been for years. Jenner has not made any difference in the world due to her transition and, therefore, should not be Glamour Magazine’s “Woman of the Year.”