Why is voting in a presidential election important?

Why is voting in a presidential election important?

By Octavio Ruiz Posted March 20, 2020

Voting is a right that not many Americans take seriously. Voting is not required by the law but it’s an important right given to the people of a democracy. In order for our democracy to continue to be successful, we need to get more involved. A democracy cannot work without the people’s voice. People don’t usually vote because they think that their voice won’t really matter but it does. Almost all voters are a lot older, but the younger voters should vote because they are a powerful group of people that can make an impact on the results and they’re the generation that is going to be around the longest.

The main reason that not many people vote is that they feel like voting isn’t an effective way of changing society. Director at Tufts University Kei Kawashima-Ginsberg of CIRCLE has conducted research that found, “that a majority of young people don’t think voting is an effective way to change society.”The candidate that usually wins the popular vote gets elected but there have been some cases where a candidate received the majority of the popular vote but didn’t win the presidential election.

There is no excuse for a person not to vote since it is easier than ever to vote through means such as early voting and absentee voting. If you’re not going to be in town you can vote early or even send your vote through the mail so you don’t have to go through the struggle of waiting in line when elections come up. The system is willing to work with you if you’re willing to cooperate.

Despite the problem of low voter turnout, there are still so many uninformed voters. These are people that just vote to vote and they don’t really do any research on the candidates and the things that the candidates are fighting for. Voting is important and every vote counts but we really need to have more informed and involved voters because they’ll know the issues and things that the country is struggling with at the moment.

Being an informed voter is something that we should all take the time to do because you are going to vote for someone who has the same beliefs as you. It is easy to be an informed voter nowadays with our technology and social media platforms. For young voters, you are starting to learn about our government at the start of your adulthood because many schools require you to take a government class where you learn about democracy and how it makes a government successful and unique which encourages you to go register and vote. So there is no excuse for you to not find yourself at the courthouse when the second Tuesday of November comes up. At the end of the day voting is a right and whether you want to exercise that rule is up to you but in order for a democracy to work it needs the people’s opinion.

Voting is a way for people to have a voice in what happens to our country. The candidate that we choose to be in the office is going to be passing laws and handling matters for our country for two years so it’s important that we choose the person that’s going to make the best decisions for our country. The only way to choose the best option is to get more involved with our democracy. You see so many people complaining about how they don’t like the things that the president does but they can’t really say anything because they didn’t choose to get their voice out there when it mattered.

The voting process is simple and quick, it really doesn’t take that much of your time so it’s important to make a stand for what you believe and if the candidate that you voted for doesn’t end up winning well at least you tried.