2009 Homecoming is one to remember

2009 Homecoming is one to remember

By Camille Lyon Posted October 14, 2009

“More horsepower than a train, Lowry’s got game,” was a success. The Homecoming week was filled with many dress-up days to get students pumped. Monday was the much loved Color War day.

Orange, purple, green, and yellow were all over Lowry. There was also a pep assembly to introduce the upcoming events of Homecoming week. The cheerleaders performed and incorporated many football players.

Monday night was the Powderpuff game. The Junior/Sophomore team won while the male cheerleaders entertained the crowd. Tuesday was Crazy Hair and Clash day. FFA hosted a car bash that night for a fundraiser. Wednesday was Black and White day. Students sported their black and white attire. He-Man volleyball was on Wednesday night. The junior team won and would later play the faculty during the last pep assembly. Thursday was Duct Tape day.

Friday finally came as Blue and Gold day. There was a pep assembly for the upcoming football game that night. The varsity dance team performed a great dance and the shopping cart parade followed. The Homecoming game ended with a win over Sparks and the crowning of the royalty. Saturday would end the Homecoming week with soccer games and a dance.

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