A look back: Senior memories

A look back: Senior memories

By Kaity Sample, Posted June 4, 2014

Ivan Castellanos. /Courtesy • Winnada
Ivan Castellanos. /Courtesy • Winnada

There are 1,461 days in four years. Many things will come and go but your high school memories are there forever. Here are some of the most memorable moments of this year’s graduating class.

“All of the FFA trips, Livestock judging camps, and the Nevada Outdoor School Magazines.”
-Cristal Venzor

“Watching people slip on the hill by the science building when it snows,” Erik Francis

“My favorite memory would be lying in the middle of the hallway right after school got out and two teachers joined me. We could not stop laughing.” -Carly Bell

“Friday Nights.” -Robert Stepper

Jaecee Munger. /Courtesy • Winnada
Jaecee Munger. /Courtesy • Winnada

“The overnighters with my teammates.” -Jaecee Munger

“Spending time with Makayla.” –Matt Ourada

“My favorite memory is teen court. I love getting into arguments with the opposing council.” – Bridgette Gilboy

“Hanging out with the guys, football season, and of course being DJ OSO.” –Ivan Castellanos

“My sophomore year when the varsity softball team went to state was my favorite memory. So many great people and so many fun times that I will never forget.” -Ere Higbee

“My favorite memory would have to be all the late nights that came unplanned but became unforgettable.” -Charlotte Bernard.

High school can be the best four years of your life filled with everlasting memories and moments of laughter shared with lifelong friends. Make high school enjoyable, you only get one shot at it. Good luck to all the graduating seniors.

Charlotte Bernard. /Courtesy •  Winnada
Charlotte Bernard. /Courtesy • Winnada