A year in retrospect: 2 State titles and many more memories

A year in retrospect: 2 State titles and many more memories

By Mary Granath Posted June 3, 2009

This year has undoubtedly been a great success in the world of Lowry sports. From State titles to tragic losses, each amazing moment lives in the minds of students, athletes, coaches, and teachers at Lowry.

Freshmen Football
Although the freshmen football team may not have had much of an audience when it happened, they made history on September 11, 2008. Our little froshies did us proud when they beat Truckee 32-0. This was the first time in nineteen years that Lowry freshman football has defeated Truckee. Coach Beck reflected back on the year, “We had a great season. A winning record is always a plus but the young guys learned a lot and came together as a team. It was very positive overall.”

Varsity Football
Despite some tough losses, Varsity had 3 wins this year. This represents a large amount of progress considering last year’s 0 wins. The Bucks also broke their seventeen game losing streak when they defeated Cole Valley Christian Academy 45-33. Quarterback Gus Ramasco’s had a solid season completing 38 of 82 passes. These are good enough to receive a scholarship to play football for Jamestown University where Ramasco will be attending in the fall” I really believe we as a football team turned a corner this year,” said a proud coach Billingsley.

Girls Golf
Lowry’s expectations for the girls’ golf team were set high this year, and our ladies didn’t let us down. Chloe McClintock placed second at the State Tournament. Casey Keiser also upheld the golf team’s prestigious reputation by placing eighth. Kylie Meckley also finished well placing in the top ten.

Boys Soccer
The Varsity boys’ soccer team watched their chance at a State title slip through their weathered fingers on November 7, 2008, when Incline narrowly defeated Lowry 1-0 and took the last seat in State. More harrowing than this, however, is that the goal, made in the last two minutes, looked off-sides to children, parents, babies, and generally everyone else existing in the world, except the referee who called it.

Cross Country
Lowry Cross Country crossed this finish line in first to take the State title home once again this year. Leading the victory was Erin Tattersal who placed third, Jenea Neu who placed sixth, and Ashlee Lee who placed seventh. “Cross Country was really great this year because we came together as a team even though we only had five girls and it was a lot harder for us to qualify,” said Neu

Boys Basketball
Varsity boys basketball took third this year losing to Boulder City 59-56 in the semi-finals. The lead scorer from the game was junior David Eastman; Eastman was also the runner-up leading scorer for the season with 234 points exceeded only by junior Danny Westfall with 241 points. “The season was a success overall and I’m really proud of how far we came as a team,” said senior Gus Ramasco.

Girls Basketball

Girls Varsity Basketball went all the way to State this year and put up a good fight for the win. However in the end Spring Creek was able to pull ahead and the Lady Bucks lost 69-42. Morgan Thacker was the lead scorer for the game as well as the season earning a sum of 353 points for the year. Thacker has signed to play basketball for the University of Montana Western come this fall.

Lowry’s wrestling team achieved their goal for this year, sweeping the State Championship for the State title, five individual champions, two-second place champions, and six third-place champions. Trevor Grant, Jace Billingsley, Ryan Nelson, Skylyr Bleck, and Paeden Underwood took home first place. “I think wrestling is the hardest sport I’ve ever done but getting your hand raised in the middle of the matt makes it all worth it,” stated senior Jake Manzo.

Unfortuntely a solid season did not result in a berth at state.

Christian Echeveria took home two State titles this year one for the 200-meter dash and one for the long jump. The girls 4×4 consisting of Alicia Kelly, Sophie Kristof, Desirae Lemm, and Kirstie Ingle, also took home first place. Echeveria also placed second in the 100-meter dash.

Varsity Softball

Varsity softball gave it their best shot this year and fell just short of a chance at the State Title. With the State Championship just out of reach, the lady Bucks battled with the Spring Creek Spartans for the final seat in the Championship round. After defeating Spring Creek on Friday, Lowry saw their hard work slip through the cracks as the Spartans came back to beat Lowry twice in a row on Saturday, advancing themselves to the Championship game. 

JV Softball
JV softball set a goal to be undefeated in league. The team did just that, going 12-0 in league and 21-3 overall.


Varsity Baseball finished the year 10-18 overall and 7-11 in league.

“We went into the season with high hopes and although we made improvement we couldn’t achieve our goal of making the playoffs,” said head coach Ron Espinola.

Boys Golf
The boys golf team finished first in the league this year but came in second at the state championship. Joey Dendary was the only member to place coming in third.

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