Android vs. iPhone

Android vs. iPhone

By Destiny James Posted May 3, 2012

Are you the type of person who is constantly dropping your phone on the ground or even in water? I know I am. That is why I would choose and Android over an iPhone any day.

I’m not saying that iPhones are bad, because I have wanted one for a long time. Who doesn’t want one? Practically everyone in our school owns one. They are fast, have a cool look, great camera, and have many apps. The new iPhone 4S even talks to you. Who wouldn’t want that? The iPhone has many great qualities, but they also have many poor qualities. Such as auto correct fails, which happens on the iPhone a lot. Or if you drop it the wrong way it will completely shatter. The battery drains fast due to all the apps, it freezes, and you have no choice when you sign up for it you have to have internet.

Then there is the Android, you can customize it, download free apps, drop it over and over again and, if anything, it will break the floor. You have many different kinds of styles to choose from. With the iPhone, you can only choose between black or white, and one style.

I am not saying that an Android is better than an iPhone by all means. I am just stating the reasons I would choose Android over an iPhone. Everyone has their own opinion. Which would you pick?

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