AOW: Tytus Millikan

AOW: Tytus Millikan

By Taylor LaTray Posted March 1, 2012

After having won the state title this past weekend, the Lowry boys are sitting at the top of the hill enjoying their victory. All of the players have worked hard and played extremely well together in order to accomplish this incredible feat, one of those players being Tytus Millikan.

According to coach Peters, Tytus is always giving his best to the team. He is a great asset to the teams and even though he is younger he blends well.

“Tytus always comes up off the bench and does a great job for us,” said coach Peters.

Millikan was a strong contributor to the win in the state championship, having scored 10 points and getting a block against Elko. Millikan was named player of the game for the state championship for his hard work and determination to see the Bucks win their first title in 10 years.

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