Apocolypto now

Apocolypto now

By Kevin Boyle Posted February 15, 2012

Since the dawn of time humans have been speculating the end of the world but time and time again they have been wrong. Since the beginning of time, people have concluded that we are in the final days of humanity, however, no one has predicted the end, but have you ever asked why people think this? Or why the end is near?

The answer is fear, human society is built around it. From the earliest dwelling to modern civilization fear has kept us working hard. Think about it through the ages, the thing to fear has changed, yet the threat remains.

First, it was the Soviets and their need to destroy America, then it was Y2K, and now it’s December 21, 2012. All of these concepts trying to prophesize the end. We always hear about them, about four years before they happen, just enough time to prepare but not enough time to avoid them. The things that will probably kill us, we will no warning and no defense. The odds of a meteor striking the earth or a massive flood washing everything away is far less likely than a nuclear war erupting. It’s far more likely that a horrible disease finishes us, instead of some prophesied global catastrophe.

Society runs on fear and we, as a society, need to rise above it. No more preparing for the end that never comes, no more squandering money on a bomb shelter. Spend money on things that you want. Because that money will be useless if something catastrophic did occur. No more living in fear for the thing that defines us is how we live, not how we die.

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