Are curse words losing their value?

Are curse words losing their value?

By Larry Littrell  Posted December 16, 2015

In the year 2015, some of the most popular songs heard on the radio have included inappropriate song titles. This is possibly due to the fact that swear words aren’t nearly as hurtful or inappropriate as they used to be. Over the course of time, it has become a popular belief that swear words have become less hurtful and more commonly used.

Curse words have not only taken over the music industry, there have even been television shows released with rather inappropriate vulgarities in the title of the show. But aside from all the curse words being included in the media, many people believe that it is this generation of parents and elders who are negatively influencing the way the younger public speaks. Parents and elders influence the way we speak and have had a large impact on their offspring and have given children the impression that curse words are no longer for stubbed toes and long stressful nights after work. In many households, parents curse around their children as if it’s nothing. This has done nothing to improve the minds of youth and has actually had a negative impact, in terms of swearing, on the people who will one day teach, lead, and rule this fine nation in the upcoming future.

Curse words have gone from words of hatred and repulsion to words of endearment and friendship. A possible reason that curse words have become less insulting is because of the evolution of technology. Websites such as “Urban Dictionary” have made vulgarities seem like they are no less appropriate than a documentary about kittens.

Frankly, cursing has become a major problem worldwide and people need to make a huge effort in ending the curse word generation.