Are the holidays overrated?

Are the holidays overrated?

By Araceli Galarza Posted December 21, 2018

When you ask people when their favorite time of the year is the general population will say Christmas or Thanksgiving. Everyone is always focused on the holidays but as a society have we forgotten what they really are about? You really can’t help but wonder, are the holidays really all that?

Holidays can be a sad but very real reminder of your financial status. Not everyone has the money to spend on big dinners or presents. So how do those people celebrate the holidays when as a society, we’ve shifted the entire focus from spending time with family and basking in the presence of each other to gifts and money? It’s based on how much money and what gifts one word.

Imagine not having one of your parents or loved ones with you during Thanksgiving dinner, or not having them there to open presents with on Christmas morning. That’s what people with broken or divorced families often experience. It’s all fun and games for those who don’t know what that’s like but for a lot of people, this can be a living hell. It’s really during the holidays when you feel just how broken a family can be. You either have to have separate dinners and festivities or you’re just left to mourn the absence of the loved one who isn’t there to partake.

The holidays are hard for a lot of people and many take the holidays to the extreme. Parents focus on making sure their kids are the happiest with gifts rather than love; kids forget how hard their parents work and complain when they don’t get what they want. So in all reality, the “Christmas” that we are experiencing is revolving around gifts and money instead of family.

The holidays have turned into an overrated competition. There is nothing festive about working extra hours to provide your child with the bragging rights of a Supreme headband or an Apple Watch. Half the time our parents give us gifts and we don’t realize how hard they worked or even appreciate it. So with that are the holidays really all that? Are they really worth all the fuss?