This is what it takes

This is what it takes

By Clarissa Olson Posted December 21, 2018

It seems like as we get older, we get lazier and lazier. Nobody has a decent work ethic anymore. We see it in literally everything we do; especially things like sports and music. It’s not going to get us anywhere. How can we expect to succeed in life if we don’t want to work for it? Even a burger flipper at McDonald’s has to work. It’s inevitable; we live in a society in which our livelihood is dependent on work. For some reason, we still refuse to get our hands dirty. It’s absurd.

My favorite is when people complain that we shouldn’t have to do conditioning in a sport. There is no logic in that. Running and physical activity is exactly what a sport is. Why would you participate in a sport you don’t want to have to participate in? I had a teammate complain that the coaches “run us like horses for no reason.”

In one of the next games, we were run into the ground by a team that did more conditioning than us. Of course, there have also been games when we’ve been on the opposite end of things. You can’t possibly expect to win a game if you just stand and watch the other team score. At the same time, if you are not properly conditioned for a sport, it is extremely easy to get seriously injured, and that’s not fun for anyone.

In classes like band, it is really easy to get down about not being able to do something that everyone else can do. The only way to get to that point is to practice. That takes work. You don’t even have to give up five hours of your life like some of us crazy people. All it takes is 10 minutes. Most people can’t even scroll through social media or shower in that short amount of time. The same goes for sports. You have to practice to get that perfect shot or set that record. You can’t expect anything if you don’t work.

School is probably the best example of this. To succeed, you have to study and do your homework. If you don’t do that homework, you’re going to fail the class. If you do that in all of your classes, you won’t graduate. Not very many people will hire someone who doesn’t even have a high school diploma. Whatever job you do find, you’re going to lose it if you never work. Then you’ll be living on the streets begging for scraps. When you’re at that point, all of the things you did to waste time when you were supposed to be working will no longer be available to you.

Your success in society and in life hinges on your ability to do work; especially when there are things that you would rather be doing. Unless it is your dream to spend your life standing on a corner begging for someone else’s scraps, you have to do something.

There’s no point in trying to avoid it. Laziness is just laziness, and it’s not cool, just pointless and really disgusting.