Is society too dependent on technology?

Is society too dependent on technology?

By Adara Arias Posted December 21, 2018

As more advances in technology are made, people have become more dependent on them. It seems as though major companies are trying to control everyday life through the use of technology.

There are now machines that vacuum your house and control the lights and some that can lock the doors with just a press of a button. Most importantly, we have a little machine in our hands that helps us access almost any information we need. Many people, especially high schoolers, use their phones to find answers to questions they don’t know. Also, many people rely on social media or phone calls to keep in touch with family members who live far away. It has reached the point where many of us feel almost empty without our phones and don’t live in the moment.

People would rather stare at a screen instead of the people in front of them. There have been far too many times when my friends have texted me when sitting less than three feet away from me.

Admittedly, I am glued to my phone almost 90% of the time but when it comes to simple household tasks, I do those all by myself. If I’m with friends and family, I set my phone down. I feel as though having phones is a nice benefit but there are certain times and situations where we shouldn’t let them control our lives and us. If we allow technology to do these things what’s to say they won’t be taking jobs next? Since it is getting so advanced, there is no telling when it’s going to stop.

So where do we draw the line? Are we going to continue to let these machines run our everyday life and perform simple tasks that we should be able to do with no hesitation; or are we going to get off our couches and lock the doors ourselves? We can continue to allow technology and major companies to control our lives or we can fight back and only use the needed technology. Imagine how better the world would be if we did things ourselves instead of investing thousands of dollars most of us don’t have just because the world has become lazy.