Should students be allowed to listen to music during class?

Should students be allowed to listen to music during class?

By Austin Lloyd Posted December 21, 2018

Many students believe that kids should be allowed to listen to music while doing classwork. Not all kids focus more while listening to music, so it could be an option for the student if they would like to or not.

While listening to music, students tend to be more focused on their assignments and get their work done. Some people believe that allowing kids to listen to music while doing their work, will cause more kids to be playing on their phones, but with close supervision, the teacher should be able to spot and stop anyone playing on their phone. Or the teacher could play music loud enough for the whole class to hear so that they at least have background music.

Research has shown that students while listening to music, tend to get more work done. According to, “Music stimulates students not only mentally, physically and emotionally, but also enhances creative learning states and understanding of the learning material.”

Research has also been shown to make students for efficient in their work. By allowing kids to listen to music, they will be more focused and more likely to complete their work. It has been found that when studying, music can help the brain remember certain information that will be important later on. Many kids have trouble focusing on their work in class because of distractions, but there’s an easy way fix to that; by allowing music to be played while doing individual class work.