Art Student of the Week: Tanner Hatch

Art Student of the Week: Tanner Hatch

By Irydiana Ramirez Posted January 26, 2022

Art teacher Cassandra Jenkins chose freshman Tanner Hatch as her student of the week. Hatch is a very respectful and genuine student.

“Tanner is such a pleasure to have in class,” said Jenkins. ”He embraces every project as a challenge and pushes himself to just be better. Throughout every project he takes the time to ask for assistance and one-on-one direction from concept to execution.”

Each day Hatch comes to class eager to work hard on daily tasks and projects.

“He has an amazing work ethic and exhibits characteristics that make him a friend, peer, and student anyone could rely on,” said Jenkins. “I look forward to his presence each and every day as he enters my room with a very enthusiastic and genuine, ‘Good Morning!’.”

Hatch is taking Art 1, he enjoys the feeling of having a break from other classes and the ability to relax in the class.  

“It’s just a chill class, you get to listen to music and do your work, it’s pretty fun I guess,” said Hatch. “The teacher is really nice and it’s just a break from all the other classes. It’s easy and nice to be in there.”

Art gives him the opportunity to learn new things and improve in drawing, painting, etc. He even gets the opportunity to dive deeper into the meaning of the art pieces and learn more about the history of the artist as individuals.