Artist of the Year: Arianna Ruiz

Artist of the Year: Arianna Ruiz

By Alexa Toscano Posted June 9, 2022

This year’s Artist of the year goes to Arianna Ruiz. She was selected by Ms. Julia Topholm. Ruiz has been doing Art for all four years of high school. Her passion for art came out when she was about 3-4 years old. It was influenced by her cousin; she grew up watching her cousin who inspired her.

“I like that I have freedom from it like there’s structure but you can do whatever you want,” said Ruiz.

When it comes to art, Ruiz feels free; she does not feel tied down by the aspect of art. Therefore she can express herself through her admiration for art. Although this does not mean that she has never struggled or doubted herself when it comes to one of her creations. However, she never feels pressured.

“I guess art has always just been a hobby for me so I don’t know if there has ever really been that pressure,” said Ruiz. “There are times where I get overwhelmed with certain projects but when I work on most of my projects it is usually my escape from everything else.”

For her art is not just a class, it is an opportunity to escape the real world that surrounds her.

One of the many things that she enjoys about art is the opportunities that it has given to her. She learned how she loves doing art but she especially loves doing art for others. She has done many murals for the teachers here at Lowry which she loves to do. Her favorite piece was the mural she did in Mrs. Chelsea Odoms’ room.

Topholm selected Ruiz because of how she excelled. Ruiz has been a dedicated art student for all four years of high school.

“Ari is a four-year art student, she’s a three-year art club member, she is a national scholastic award winner, she’s been placed in every art show since she was a freshman and she’s done multiple murals around campus,” said Topholm.

Topholm recognized how talented Ruiz is as well as how capable she is.

“She’s got a lot of creativity,” said Topholm. “She is very driven but out of all the students’ work that has come from all four years like hers has come from the highest quality and she is always willing to challenge herself.”

Throughout high school, Ruiz has not stopped persevering; her dedication and talent have gotten her far. She has been able to win a national scholastic and has done many creations for others. Both her art and she have made an impact on the Lowry community. Although Ruiz is leaving, her art will stay painted on the walls.