Athlete of the Issue: Braden Hammargren

Athlete of the Issue: Braden Hammargren

By Kailey Franklin December 16, 2022

The class of 2023 is filled with an abundance of athletic talent. However, one athlete that stands out is Braden Hammargren. Hammargren participates in varsity football and varsity track.

Hammargren began playing football in the second grade in the Winnemucca Youth Football League for many years while being coached by his dad, Lonnie Hammargren. Hammargren then continued to play on a youth all-star team and eventually began to play for Lowry High School. He then played on the freshman team and later made the varsity team his sophomore year.

He has been a team captain for the varsity football team and has made many friends along the way.
“I’m definitely going to miss my teammates the most but I will also miss my coaches because they have helped me become the player I am today,” said Hammargren.

Hammargren made the decision to be a part of the track team his sophomore year where he competed in the 100-meter dash and long jump.

“I decided to participate in track because it improves my speed when it comes time for football season,” said Hammargren.

Hammargren also spends time helping the athletic youth in the community. He referees youth football games and offers tips and tricks to athletes to help them improve.

“I tell young athletes to make sure they love the sport they are playing because it makes it much easier and much more enjoyable,” said Hammargren.

He spends a lot of his time focusing on his football career being a kicker. Hammargren travels to prospect camps and is also practicing on his own time. No matter the weather, you can see him out on the field kicking field goals. He hopes to further his career kicking for a college team.“It is a good feeling knowing I am accomplishing the goals I have set for myself,” said Hammargren. “My younger self would be proud knowing that I plan to kick for a college team.”

Hammargren’s skills have stood out for several years at Lowry and he plans to continue that as he moves on to his college career.