Athlete of the Issue: Lance Brinegar

Athlete of the Issue: Lance Brinegar

By Alexis Galarza Posted December 16, 2022

As a young athlete, Lance Brinegar had no way of knowing he would have to persevere through a major injury that could derail athletics for him and then have to contend with COVID.

During his freshman year, Brinegar got into a side-by-side accident which almost caused him to have a career-ending injury. He had multiple surgeries on his left hand, but despite this major injury he pushed through.

“It was really hard, I had to practice a lot more and learn different skills I never thought I would have had to learn, and I had to relearn how to dribble a basketball with my left hand,” said Brinegar.

A major reason he was able to get through such a tough time was because of his dad.

“My dad is definitely my role model because he has always been there for me and helped make me the person I am today,” said Brinegar.

Along with his dad, his little brother Timmy is one of Brinegar’s main forms of support. “I take him to everything I do, I take him to the gym with me, and I take him to the Boy’s and Girl’s club to go shoot with me,” said Brinegar.

His brother is his motivation.

“Definitely Timmy, I do everything I can to just make sure he grows up, and kind of to reflect off of me,” said Brinegar. “I want him to learn from my mistakes and grow as a person…I just want to be there for him along the way.”

Brinegar began his football career playing in the city league, his eighth-grade year he was chosen for an all-star team. During his freshman year at Lowry, he played on the freshman team, however, he made varsity his sophomore year and has been on varsity since.

“I have been playing football for about five years,” said Brinegar. Brinegar’s experience playing varsity has been a dream.

“It has been great, I’m grateful for the people I have been with and for the coaches I have had,” said Brinegar.

His favorite part about playing football is the community that football surrounds him in.

“Being with my friends, they’ve always been a part of my life and it’s nice to go through life and everything to do with football with them by my side,” said Brinegar.

Coach Taua Cabatbat had a great experience coaching Brinegar his last three years on varsity.

“It was great, Lance was a hard-working individual in practice and games, worked hard in the weight room,” said Cabatbat. “I really enjoyed having him around.

Cabatbat is excited about Brinegar’s future.

“We’ve always kind of had this connection over the past four years, like any kid I make connections with, I’m going to miss him,” said Cabatbat. “I wish him all the best in the future.”

Brinegar will not leave Lowry empty-handed according to Cabatbat.

“I enjoyed having him as a student, and I appreciate everything he’s done for Lowry High School and I hope he continues on in the future to do good things as well,” said Cabatbat.

Along with football, Brinegar has also participated in basketball most of his life. He also started playing basketball in the city league and then gradually made his way up. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 one of his high school seasons was cut. This season will be his second season playing varsity basketball.

First-year head basketball coach Nate Green thinks Brinegar contributes as both a teammate and a leader.

“Lance is a great teammate; he’s always there for his guys through the good and the bad,” said Green. “Lance plays the game with emotion and has become a great leader for our team.”

“COVID-19 did suck, but I practiced a lot during my off-season to prepare for when we were able to go back,” said Brinegar.