With new coach and 80 athletes, track prepares for season

With new coach and 80 athletes, track prepares for season

By Helena Monreal and Lainey Novacek

Track is coming through quickly, with lots of potential, traveling, and exciting challenges for the upcoming season. 

Coach Tyrell Lucas is looking forward to seeing the kids who have done track before to see their growth and potential on the track. This is Lucas’ first season as the 

“I’m looking forward to seeing the kids who have had track before who are returning to build on the success they had last year,” said Lucas. “And seeing the kids who come the first time to see something they enjoy.”

Track is a time for some of those like Athena Chiaratti to spend time with their friends and improve their skills. Chiaratti competes in the sprinting contest and she can’t wait to improve on her power and stamina. 

“I love playing with my friends during the track season, they were the ones that got me into track,” said Chiaratti. “I can’t wait to improve my speed and stamina this year.”

Returning athlete Ashlyn Bottoms competes in the women’s pole vault (which she won 1st place in state last year), 100 hurdles, and 300 hurdles. She loves pushing herself to improve; she has been playing for 3 years and every year pushes herself to become better. 

“It’s the one sport where your only real competition is improving yourself and everyone supports each other,” said Bottoms. “It’s physically challenging and hard work, but it brings me peace and a sense of accomplishment.”

Nomar Aguirre is a returning state champion. He is excited for his last season.

“I am most excited to break both school records and win another state championship,” said Aguirre. 

In his sophomore year, Aguirre was awarded with 3rd and 4th place. Just to return the next year and win both state championships for both of his events. Aguirre will miss the bonds he’s created. 

“I am going to miss the interactions with other people who I do track with,” said Aguirre. 

Roster: Nomar Aguirre, Cody Allen, Quade Altman, Violet Amato, Cristobal Arriola, Kalani Arriola, Britain Backus, Finn Baldwin, Jaron Berezay, Michaela Bergstrom, Ashlyn Bottoms, Blake Burdette, Athena Chiaratti, Trevor Crawford, Bosten Dennis, Aydan Egger, Kayla Egusquiza, Luke Fentress, Jose Flores-Cortez, Chad Frazier, Jace Frydendall, Judith Garcia, Nevaeh Gerhard, Hailee Gibson, Shane Gilliland, Eli Gonzaleze, Paula Gutierrez, Kianna Head, Micah Hiibel, Kepa Hilbish, Cooper Hoagland, Kolby Hoagland, Gabriel Hogue, Jayden Howard, Ryder Huitt, Michael Hunter, Brent Kenison, Keaton Kenison, Rojelio Leon, Angelica Leon Garcia, Eli Long, Vanessa Lott, Helena Marquez, Anthony Martinez, Trent McKellip, Damiena Mentaberry, Kaitlin Messmer, Adajah Milam, Bailey Miller, Naomi Miller, Adan Morfin, Kiara Morris, Jonathan Moser, Conner Nelson, Alia Novi, Jacqueline Ojendiz, Timothy Patchen, Lupita Patino, Kailani Rodriguez, Caryn Sanchez, Cesar Sanchez, Ava Swensen, Brooklyn Swensen, Tryston Teichert, Alyla Thomas, Adrianna Torres, Madison Van Liew, Allyssa Venzor, Ira Wadsworth, Lilyana Walker, Tariana Weatherspoon, Travanti Weatherspoon, Austin White, Georgia White, Kylee Wilkinson, Samantha Zamora and Lennox Zebroski.