The comeback season: Varsity baseball preview

The comeback season: Varsity baseball preview

By Danielle Scott Posted March 18, 2024

This year’s baseball season is seen as a great opportunity for the program to be rebuilt. With strong players in all positions coming up and others with experience returning they will be good competition.

“Coach Bengochea and Coach Hegarty make sure the varsity squad is prepared each week,” said new head coach Brent Riemersma. “We will battle for wins and make the school proud.” 

Jayce Casalez enjoys the time he spends with his teammates but wants to make the playoffs by working and putting more effort into practice. 

“From what I’ve seen at our early open gyms, we have guys who have been focused and ready to right the ship,” said Riemersma. “Our preparation is what will set us apart from the rest of the league.”

Baseball has always been a difficult sport to play but from what they have seen it will be a great start to the season.

‘It’s been a while since we have made a push for the chance to make it to the tournament,” said Riemersma. “That is a goal we would like to accomplish, we as a team understand that it is an icy uphill battle and we are wearing skates.”

The players are excited to get back into the rhythm of the sport.

“I believe that this season will be a lot better than the last couple of years,” said Gabe Lange. ”Everyone seems more into baseball and seems to want to be there which will help with the attitudes and effort.”

Adam Brooks tags out a runner at third base. /Olivia Espinola • The Brand
Adam Brooks tags out a runner at third base. /Olivia Espinola • The Brand

Although last season was a little rocky, the team is ready to get on the field and prove what it means to be a Buckaroo.

“There are a big handful of returners and a plethora of young talent to get the varsity team competing with the teams in front of us,” said Riemersma.

The new coach has brought a different perspective for players like Erick Valencia.

“[We need to] Be more positive and pick each other up instead of yell at each other and not put each other down,” said Valencia. “We need to be there for one another when someone makes a mistake; just be more positive.” 

Roster: Jakob Bauman, Txema Bengochea, Angus Boyles, Adam Brooks, Jayce Casalez, Matthew Casalez, Kasyn Garner, Kayd Garner, ReiCyan Grau, Zaquery Growcock, Anthony Guzman, Gabriel Lange, Brayden Mezenen-Dennis, Connor Peterson, Aidan Tregellas, Erick Valencia and Bryce Niblack.