Audrey Quinn picked as Physics Student of the Week

Audrey Quinn picked as Physics Student of the Week

By Yizel Martinez Posted April 3, 2024

Freshman Audrey Quinn, Science Student of the Week stands out in Mr. Brandon Eastman for her dedication and diligence in his Physics class.

“I chose Audrey as the Student of the Week because she works extremely hard in not just my class, but all of her classes to maintain really good grades,” said Eastman.

Quinn is always willing to help other students even if she knows it is challenging for herself, she doesn’t mind helping out.

“She is also never afraid to ask for help when she does need it and balances her extracurricular activities really well with being such a good student,” said Eastman.

Quinn enjoys Eastman’s class because he goes easy on everyone and helps out when other students ask for it.

“He will always be the teacher that is always there for you when you need help, he cares so much that he gives us mental health days to refresh our minds on our learning,” said Quinn.

She thinks that Mr. Eastman’s class is always a class you can go into with excitement because of the positive energy Eastman has in his classroom.

“He always has fun labs for us to do and just always offers us help no matter what we’re doing,” said Quinn.