ACT Rescheduled for April 23

ACT Rescheduled for April 23

By Ludivynne Canales and Ron Espinola Posted April 3, 2024

The ACT for juniors was recently canceled due to internet issues on the day of the test.

“The company that we were going through to do the ACT did not have the capability to allow us to test on that day,” said Vice Principal Tim Connors.

The ACT was rescheduled to April 23, 2024, juniors should be there by 7:45 a.m. prepared to take the test.

Jaden Jimenez was one of the juniors told they had to reschedule the test. The juniors will test in classrooms this year rather than in the gym.

“They told us we weren’t allowed to take the ACT,” said Jimenez. ”But I think the classroom scenario will benefit us.”

Although this was a frustrating experience, it gave students more time to study for the test.

Participation in this test is a graduation requirement. All juniors will go to their designated testing room at 7:55 a.m. and testing will begin shortly after. Buses will run at the normal time in the morning, all students that ride a bus will be picked up after the test is completed.

Students not taking the test will be excused from school that day.

The counseling office recommends students get a good night’s sleep, eat a good breakfast and show up on time. Late students will not be admitted and we will be testing through our regular lunch. In addition, students may bring water, a small snack and an approved calculator. Everything else will be provided, including a calculator, if needed. Also, please bring your student ID or Driver’s License for identification purposes.

Students should not bring cell phones, apple watches, headphones or other electronic devices. Juniors will be excused when testing is complete at approximately 1:30 p.m. for the rest of the day. For quicker score reports and access to more information create an account at

Students must remember their login information as the school officials will not have access to the scores. Students with questions, should stop by the LHS Counseling Office or call 775-623-8139.