Tristen Bennett stands out in Graphic Design

Tristen Bennett stands out in Graphic Design

By Olivia Espinola Posted April 2, 2024

Graphic Design II teacher Ms. Megan Maga picked Tristen Bennett for creditability, recognition of working hard, and improvements he has made to be Student of the Week.  

“Tristen Bennet has stood out to me in Graphic Design II,” said Maga. “His graphic abilities and techniques have really developed this year and he always comes into class with a small.”

Working on computers and doing projects can have a problem with things crashing. Sadly Bennet’s computer crashed and caused most of his work to be lost.

“He recently faced some adversity when his computer crashed and he lost a majority of his project,” said Maga.” He did not let that deflate him and he continued to work and was able to complete his project.”

Working with computers can be difficult but Bennett understands the assignments pretty well.

“Yeah I understand the assignments pretty easy and that’s probably my favorite thing about that class,” said Bennett.

Bennett isn’t a huge fan of being interviewed but he doesn’t mind sharing his thoughts and acknowledgement.

“Sure, I work hard in that class,” said Bennett. “ I’ve been taking this class for two years now”.