Maleena Messer shows improvement in Algebra

Maleena Messer shows improvement in Algebra

By Raegan Terry Posted March 28, 2024

Mr. Andrew Dickson chose Meleena Messer as his Student of the Week because of her outstanding improvement.

To Dickson, Messer stands out for her outstanding improvement and dedication.

“Recently Maleena Messer has shown drastic improvement in Algebra,” said Dickson. “A large contributor to this is showing effort”.

From the beginning of the year, Messer has only improved in Algebra.

Math comes hard to many people, but no matter what, Messer always ensures she tries her best and gets her work done.

“I definitely like fractions because they’re easy to deal with,” said Messer.

Messer makes an effort to learn new concepts which makes her stand out as a student.

“Maleena’s efforts to understand new mathematical concepts stand out because trying is key to learning,” said Dickson.

Although Messer comprehends the work from this unit, what she loves most about her algebra class is the beginning of the first unit.

“From this year my favorite thing was the first unit that we did because I was able to comprehend it the easiest,” said Messer.

Messer plans on continuing her improvement by paying attention in class and making sure she works in her classes.