Brogan Atkins shows off his skill in Social Studies

Brogan Atkins shows off his skill in Social Studies

By Ally Green Posted April 12, 2024

Mr. Grant Beatty selected his student Brogan Atkins for Student of the Week for how he stands out in class and engages in different activities.

“I chose him for his class participation in discussions on a variety of topics, some relevant, some not so much,” said Beatty.

Atkins has the ability to express creativity in the classroom and put a smile on the faces of those around him.

“He’s got good prior knowledge of the topic we are currently covering, the Renaissance,” said Beatty. “I enjoy having him in class, most days.”

Considering his busy schedule with wrestling season, Atkins is a teachable. As well as his participation in class, this shows his dedication to good grades and athletics.

“Some of my favorite things about Beatty’s class is that he is engaged and he teaches really well,” said Atkins. “He’ll help whenever you need help on a topic and is able to engage students in our discussions.”