Aria Casteel excels in Career and Technical Education

Aria Casteel excels in Career and Technical Education

By Ludi Canales Posted April 12, 2024

Aria Casteel is a student of Ms. Jennifer Montero at LHS. Casteel is a hardworking student and an engaged student in class.

“Aria has been working hard on her small engine project,” said Montero. “She is a very hardworking student who goes the extra mile to complete an assignment or project.”

Montero is elated when Casteel puts in most of her time to show her determination in and throughout her work.

“She always comes into the shop when she has extra time and has done a great job researching and looking up her parts,” said Montero.

Casteel enjoys Montero’s sense of humor and how nice she is to everyone.

“Montero is always cracking jokes to us, and it makes the class outside of the building and working a lot more fun,” said Casteel.

Casteel also enjoys working in the shop and it gives her an inside look into what her father does for a living.

“I like that we get to work on engines and tinker with stuff like that,” said Casteel. “My dad is a mechanic, but he never really talks about what does so I decided to take this class to see why he does it and now I can see why he does what he does.”