Athlete of the Issue: Emily Backus

Athlete of the Issue: Emily Backus

By Emily Valdez Posted March 4, 2022

Senior Emily Backus is a member of the varsity basketball and soccer teams, she’s also in track during the spring. Backus most importantly feels honored to be Athlete of the Issue.

Backus has played basketball since she was in second grade. She enjoys multiple aspects of the game, including her team.

“I enjoy the competitiveness of the sport, you know like the defensive and offensive parts of it, but I also love our team, we’ve been together since the fifth grade and so we have a very fun team,” said Backus.
Not only does she enjoy basketball but she also enjoys soccer for its stress-relieving abilities.

“Soccer has always been my kind of way of relieving stress I guess, I feel like there’s a lot of pressure to perform in basketball and in track but soccer is kind of you know, you get out there have fun and I also got to play with my sister this year so that was pretty fun,” said Backus.

Backus has played multiple sports throughout her high school career, she’s been inspired by her grandfather who she is always reminded of when she plays.“My Grandpa,” said Backus. ”Sports were something that we bonded over and playing reminds me of him.”

Backus has gained a lot of experience from playing for so long, so she understands what has helped her from playing.

Emily Backus plays against Dayton her senior year. /Ron Espinola • The Brand
Emily Backus plays against Dayton her senior year. /Ron Espinola • The Brand

“I feel like the footwork you learn in soccer helps make you more coordinated for basketball, I feel like track helps with all aspects of soccer and basketball because you’re just running, it improves your jumping ability,” said Backus.

Coach Jesse Zamudio has noticed all of Backus’s spirit on the court, from her passionate playing to the bond she has with her team.

“Emily Backus plays the game of basketball with a lot of passion,” said Zamudio. “She is a student of the game and has strong basketball instincts. She is a great teammate and gets along well with all of her teammates.”

After Backus graduates, she plans to continue her basketball career in college, although the process was difficult.

“The recruiting process is honestly very stressful but I set a goal when I was younger to play collegiate basketball, so that is still my goal is to make it, to play,” said Backus.