Artist of the Issue: Angel Acevedo

Artist of the Issue: Angel Acevedo

By Allison Green Posted March 4, 2022

This week Angel Acevedo Mora was selected as Artist of the Issue because of his interest in art and sculpture. He has been excelling in his art classes courageously with help to have a better understanding of the concepts.

Topholm was impressed by his creative mindset throughout his time spent in her class.

“This is the first year I had Angel in my class and from the first project we did to what we just currently did he has excelled with every single medium that we’ve used,” said Topholm. “He just puts 100 percent and more into every project. The improvement from every project, he’s excelled and challenged himself.”

Angel Acevedo Mora uses his time to create a better understanding of the projects with the help of his teacher and classmates to relax.

“She makes the directions really clear and because of that I am able to make good pieces and I know where things go and if I have questions I can ask her and that really helps with knowing when I make things,” said Acevedo Mora. “I know I can be creative and free with it. She helps me understand the different things because I didn’t really know much about art or sculpture.”

Taking sculpture and drawing classes was new for Angel at first but he’s grown significantly and his artwork has improved ever since he found his enjoyment in creating art pieces.