Athlete of the Week: Rachel Sigurdson

Athlete of the Week: Rachel Sigurdson

By Harley Long Posted May 20, 2012

Athlete of the Week goes to Rachel Sigurdson who did more than anyone expected of her. Last week at a zone track meet in Fallon Sigurdson went for gold while she was pole vaulting. The pole was up 8’ 9” when she perfectly went over the bar and showed exponential skill.

“Before I jumped I was pretty excited and just didn’t want to do badly,” Sigurdson said when asking about how she felt about her feelings before vaulting.

Sigurdson is only one of the three girls who does pole vaulting in this year’s track and field team. All year she has been improving and being the best she can be to be able to make it to zone where she placed in the top five.

Sigurdson said, “I felt like I did pretty terrible after I had finished, but actually I got first.”

When scoring pole vaulting they have three chances to clear one height and if they clear it before three tries the bar height goes up and up until you can’t clear it. Sigurdson cleared all of her bars the first time until she got to the eight-foot jump and had to scratch. She came out with the highest win by getting first and being able to participate in NIAA Track and Field State on Friday, May 18-19.

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