Bailey Hayes is Athlete of the Week for girl’s golf

Bailey Hayes is Athlete of the Week for girl’s golf

By Alexa Toscano Posted September 24, 2021

Coach Savannah Talbot picked Bailey Hayes for Athlete of the Week. Hayes is team captain as well as a senior. 

“She works hard and continues to set an example for the young team,” said Talbot.

Bailey chose to play golf because she loves the environment that she is surrounded by such as being surrounded by the beautiful courses and the amazing people that she gets to interact with.

“Being captain my senior year was a huge honor,” said Hayes. “Being able to help coach the newcomers and be a role model for them was a big deal for me and I want to take the best approach on it I can and be the best role model I can be.” 

She is motivated to play golf every day. She is motivated by the challenges and it helps her stay on track of her grades and focused on school. She plays golf with her younger sister and she wants to keep working hard in golf as well as in school to be a good role model for her. 

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