Bell and Thomspon return from national FFA competition

Bell and Thomspon return from national FFA competition

By Brittany Nielsen Posted November 13, 2009

This year Lance Thompson and Shane Bell went to nationals for FFA in Indianapolis and did an exceptional job. Bell went to nationals for speaking about wild horses and placed in the top 16 in the nation. Thompson received silver for speaking about the Diversified Livestock Proficiency which is just what he does as a farmer.

“It was amazing, an experience of a lifetime,” Thompson said.

On Thursday all the FFA members had a general session with Mike Rowe who is the host of “Dirty Jobs”.

For Mr. Corey Coles, new teacher at Lowry, this was his first time going to the Nationals. Even though only Bell and Thompson went to Nationals it was a big experience for him.

“Seeing Shane compete was a really fun for me as a first-year teacher, I was as nervous as he was when he was getting ready. For him to place top 16 in the nation was a huge accomplishment for us,” said Coles.

As a final note, Lance would like Mr. Coles to know that Idaho is really the potato state and not the gem state. Aldo he said, “To all my fellow FFA members, AYE!”

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