Blue & Gold

By Karen Esparza Posted December 18, 2013

Lowry’s buckaroos have always sported blue and gold, but when a person observes our sport team’s uniforms there are several instances where the colors and mascots used to make no sense. Most notable are the sweatshirts worn by the varsity soccer team that feature stick figures accompanied by a saying that is completely random, even when I asked a player to explain this to me, he was clueless as to why as well. The cheerleaders proliferate the confusion by adding school colors into their chants that I didn’t know existed, apparently according to them our school colors are blue, gold, and white.

This year Cross Country decided to jump into the mix with their team warm-ups; a bandit adorns the front of their sweatshirts, last time I checked the school mascot was a Buckaroo. I understand that practice is supposed to give the team a sense of camaraderie, but every team is representing Lowry, one school, with one mascot, and one set of school colors. All I’m asking for is a little bit of consistency because we’re supposed to be the “Proud Home of the Buckaroos” not the home of whatever mascot we see fit.

The Buckaroos aren’t the only culprits in mixing up their uniforms. Big universities like the Oregon Ducks are in the habit of consistently switching up too. The reason for their constant.