Macklemore: Rattling the shark tank

By Karen Esparza Posted December 18, 2013

Today thousands of people classify rap as their favorite genre of music. Rap music receives a lot of criticism because it degrades women, promotes drug and alcohol abuse, and glorifies money and excess. But even with this negative vibe around rap music and its creators, there is always a chance to discover something worthwhile.

Ben Haggerty, better known on stage as Macklemore has independently released one mix tape, three EPs, and two albums since 2000. His most recent album “The Heist” has sold over 1,042,000 copies in the United States without any mainstream promotion or support. Along with Ryan Lewis, his producer, Macklemore is very unorthodox and has managed to break past the stereotypical rapper persona, writing raps that don’t glorify sex, drugs, and money. Each of his raps contains a message, “Same Love” is about tolerance and acceptance of the gay community, “Thrift Shop” and “Wings” speak out against consumerism, “Make the Money” warns against getting caught up in fame and success, “Other side” presents drugs in a different light that most teens don’t think about, and “And We Danced” and “Can’t Hold Us” are about living life to the fullest.

It is difficult to find music that isn’t massively overproduced or artists that actually care about the craft and aren’t just in it for the fame. Macklemore is an incredible performer, losing himself in his music and taking his audience right along with him. Having just attended his concert in Salt Lake City I can honestly say Macklemore is unique among all the musicians of today and his passion for the art is palpable.