Book Review: ‘Love, Cajun Style’ by Diane Les Bacquets

By Melanie Rynearson Posted November 7, 2013

Lucy and her friends have their minds made up that the new art teacher and Lucy’s mama are having an affair, but little do they know, Lucy’s mama has something up her sleeve.  

For Lucy, the main character, in ‘Love, Cajun Style’ every day is pretty much the same in her little Louisiana town, riding bikes with her two best friends or helping her dad at his flower shop. At the beginning of this summer, Lucy wasn’t even thinking of falling in love, but when Dewey moves to town everything is turned upside down in Lucy’s life. Dewey’s dad has just opened a new art gallery and Lucy’s mama has been spending an odd amount of time down at that art gallery and at his house, giving him cooking lessons. This seems all too suspicious for Lucy and her friends.

All in all, this book is a great book and is definitely worth reading, it really gets you wrapped up in all the fun that Lucy and her friends are having.