Buckaroo Roundup: Brad Schmidt

Buckaroo Roundup: Brad Schmidt

By Taylor LaTray Posted September 17, 2012

Q: If you could change your name what would it be?
A: Brad Scott

Q: What is your opinion on Facebook?
A: It’s dramatic and addictive

Q: Do you believe aliens are real?
A: Depending on the situation, prove to me they’re real.

Q:  How do you feel about the color red?
A: It’s my second favorite color. Only second because I don’t like that it reminds me of blood.

Q: What is your favorite flavor of toothpaste?
A: Cotton Candy, and I know they have it.

Q: What is your least favorite subject? Why?
A: English, it’s sooo hard.

Q: Do you have a favorite font?
A: Bradley Hand ITC. It says my name and looks just like my writing.

Q: Spell ambidextrous. What’s the meaning? (To be skillful with both hands)
A: AMBIDEXTROUS. I have no idea.

Q: Would you ever take “The Brand”?
A: Maybe

Q: Would you ever milk a cow?
A: For a hundred bucks, oh yeah.

Q: How many teeth do you have? (The average adult has 32 teeth.)
A: 24?

Q: What is the temperature outside? (It’s currently 85 degrees.)
A: 98 degrees?

Q: What is the most memorable thing you’ve done?
A: Passed my freshmen year.

Q: What are your biggest pet peeves?
A: My brothers.

Q: What color is your bedroom wall containing your door?
A: White, and I actually chose that color.

Q: Is your Facebook public?
A: Yeah, ’cause I don’t know about those private settings things.

Q: How awesome are these questions?
A: They’re pretty standard random questions.

Q: What is a gerund? (A word ending in -ING)
A: A dull, non-excited person.

Q: Do you have any idea how many questions you’ve answered? (19th question)
A: 19.

Q: What if I told you this is the 28th question?
A: I wouldn’t believe it, but I’m actually really tired.