Buckaroo Roundup: Brandon Locke

Buckaroo Roundup: Brandon Locke

By Jessie Schirrick Posted November 1, 2012

Q: What class/grade/year are you in?
A: Sophomore, 10.

Q: How big is the family (you live with)? Do you have any siblings? If so, how many and what are their ages and names?
Small family, I have one sister. Her name is Sasha and she is 23.

Q: Have you lived anywhere else? If so, where? Why did you move? How long did you live there? How does Winnemucca compare to that town?
A: Only the ‘Mucc.

Q: What classes are you currently taking?
A: Bio, P.E., English II, Spanish II, World Geography, Web Design II, and Geometry.

Q: What is your favorite class? Why?
A: World Geography with Lucas is so chill.

Q: What is your least favorite class? Why?
A: Geometry, it is so cold.

Q: Who is your favorite teacher? Why?
A: Espy because he speaks his mind.

Q: Do you have a job? If so, where? How long have you been working there? Do you like your job? Why or why not? Why are you working?
A: No.

Q: Do you have any extra-curricular/after-school activities? If so, what? Which one is your favorite? Least favorite?
A: No.

Q: What are your hobbies? Which one do you do most often?
A: Basketball and doing crazy stuff. I do crazy stuff with Jessie Schirrick most often.

Q: How do you think the high school could be better? How would that make it better?
A: Longer lunches so I could actually enjoy my food and not inhale it.

Q: What are your pet peeves? Why?
A: When people don’t walk with swag.

Q: What scares you? Why?
A: Chuck Norris, because it’s Chuck Norris.

Q: Have you ever traveled anywhere? If so, what was it like?
A: Yes I went to Texas and it was the funniest thing ever.

Q: What is the most embarrassing moment that has ever happened in your life? Why?
A: This one time when I was at Jack in the Box and this one guy mooned us and almost crashed into a pole.

Q: What is the most important thing in your life? Why?
A: The most important thing is my mom’s truck or I could not go anywhere.

Q: What are you proud of? Why?
A: I am most proud of my beard because it is very hairy.

Q: Do you plan on going to college? Why or why not?
A: Yes I do because I want to be a physical therapist.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Why?
A: I’m not a fortune teller so I can’t tell.