Buckaroos continue to ride

Buckaroos continue to ride

By Cole Erquiaga Posted October 2, 2011

Lowry continues to look toward a football state title.

The Bucks, with two dominating victories, went into the first home game against South Tahoe. As “Buck Wild” as they could be, they came out stopping South Tahoe on the first drive and then marched to an early 7-0 lead with nine minutes left on the first quarter’s clock. The Bucks stopped South Tahoe for the second straight time as they could not move an inch but backward. Both Jace Billingsley and Johnny Hernandez helped the Buckaroos get down field with one play to the 10-yard line and Billingsley ran for a touchdown to make it 14-0 to end the first quarter.

The Vikings came out much stronger in the second, sneaking by Lowry’s line to get into field-goal range, but missed off the post. Lowry capitalized on the mistake and added two more scores to take a 28-0 lead into halftime.

Tytus Millikan gains yards on a reception. /Cole Erquiaga • The Brand
Tytus Millikan gains yards on a reception. /Cole Erquiaga • The Brand

The Buckaroos came out in the second half as hot as the first with Billingsley running back a kick to the 36-yard line. Quarterback Michael Billingsley threw a nice lob pass to sophomore Tytus Millikan to the 6-yard line, followed by a touchdown by Hernandez to make it 35-0.

Lowry continued to stop South Tahoe and run the score to 49-0 with help from Matt Ourada, who returned a fumble for a touchdown. Lowry let one slip by letting South Tahoe have a big run for six points but they missed another field goal. The third quarter ended at 49-6 leaving the Vikings in need of a miracle.

South Tahoe seemed not to give up and scored another touchdown to take it to 49-12, but Lowry matched that with a run to the end zone, and a couple more after that to end strong with a 76-26 victory.

Coach Tim Billingsley said, “he is happy with the team and hopes to continue to work hard.”

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