Calvin’s top 10 college mascots

By Calvin Connors Posted February 15, 2012

Blue Devil (Duke)- The Blue Devil is the numero uno mascot because he reps the best college basketball team in the nation. The Blue Devil does an interesting act at halftimes, and occasionally on timeouts, where he is riding a surfboard on top of members of the Duke band while they roll across the court. The Leprechaun (Notre Dame)- He is an energetic icon for all mascots at the collegiate level. He is always full of energy when he is on the football field with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, he is looking to fight any mascot that wants to fight.

Seminole (Florida State)- This outstanding mascot rides a cool horse and carries a spear that’s lit on fire and throws it in the middle of the field before a game. He has great accuracy with the spear and looks very intimidating.

Razorback (Arkansas)- The Razorback is a cool mascot, it is a member of the pig family and is a fierce-looking animal.

The Duck (Oregon)- The Duck has a great positive attitude that other mascots should take note of. He has a great personality and he rides a motorcycle onto the football field.

Sun Devil (Arizona State)- He reps one of the coolest colleges in the nation, he gives everyone a look that just makes him seem like a cool cat. He is the Sun Devil that gets those college kids going.

Sebastian the Ibis (University of Miami)- Sebastian is a legendary mascot that had a memorable moment when Miami took the field against Nebraska in the Orange Bowl. Sebastian took a fire extinguisher and sprayed it as the football team took the field.

Trojan (USC)- The Trojan rides on a white horse dressed in an old-fashioned war outfit that consists of a sword, war helmet, and body armor. The Trojan has a tradition of walking to the middle of the field and stabbing his sword in the turf.

Horned Frog (Texas Christian University)- The Horned Frog is representing all those lizards out there who didn’t make it to the big time. Purple and white are the two great colors that make the Horned Frog look like a beast.

Gamecock (South Carolina)- The Gamecock is like a rooster, but it is an unusual mascot. But that’s why it made my top ten mascots, it is a fascinating animal that is well represented by the University of South Carolina.

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