Christmas comes early with the presentation of “Mr. Scrooge’s Christmas”

Christmas comes early with the presentation of “Mr. Scrooge’s Christmas”

By Alexa Toscano Posted December 16, 2022

The Lowry Drama and Stagecraft production started the year off strong presenting “Mr. Scrooge’s Christmas” as the first play of the year.

The students spent a lot of time making sure the play was perfect for opening night. Both the actors and stagecraft dedicated their personal time for rehearsals they rehearsed during their drama period and did rehearsals in the mornings and afternoons on both school and weekend days in total they put in 60-70 hours of their time in order to ensure the production was a success.

Each actor had the opportunity to audition for the part they wanted. They auditioned in front of the director, Ms. Bales, and their fellow actors as well as stagecraft; the final decision was made based on votes. The lead was senior Kaylee Radtke as Mr. Scrooge who is portrayed as a Christmas Grinch who the only thing that matters to him is his business; he absolutely loathes Christmas.

“I was happy with the part I received because it was really fun to be mean,” said Radtke. “It took me a long time to learn how to be a mean person but it got easier with time.”

She enjoyed the opportunity of having a lead role to start her senior year. As soon as she found out her role she went straight to getting into character.

“To prepare for this role I watched the muppets ‘A Christmas Carol’ movie which is really funny to me,” said Radtke. “I also spent a lot of time memorizing my lines so I would know every line by heart.”

The play was narrated by Jacob Woosley who played the role of Jacob Marley, Scrooge’s business partner who had died. He is introduced to the audience by coming into Scrooge’s room late at night and scaring him with chains.

“The favorite scene I had was when I was able to scare Mr. Scrooge by telling him I came to haunt him with chains,” said Woolsey.

For the majority of the cast, this was their first time doing a live performance in front of a crowd where they had to follow a script without sounding monotone but performing with charisma. When it came down to deciding what the opening play would be, the decision came down to Ms. Bales.

“I decided we needed a switch; I love Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’. It’s fun to not always do a Halloween play. The story itself is also very beautiful,” said Bales.

Being part of Drama and Stagecraft is an amazing way to put yourself out there and get to express yourself.

Ms. Bales and the rest of the students are excited to present their next play and highly recommend auditioning for next year.

They performed it for three nights from November 14-16.

Ebenezer Scrooge Kaylee Radtke
Jacob Marley, Jacob Woolsey
Fred, Sasha Contreras
Bob Cratchit, Karen Anderson
Mrs. Cratchit, Mikayla Dossey
Spirit of Christmas Past, Morgan Rorex
Spirit of Christmas Present, Joseph Vankuiken
Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come, Joseph Vankuiken
Boy Scrooge, Audryahna McGillic
Young Scrooge, Sasha Contreras
Fanny, Sage Huerta
Belle, Jasmin Ruiz
Peter, Morgan Rorex
Belinda, Julianna Carrillo
Tiny Tim, Miles Hagness
Lady #1, Julianna Carrillo
Lady #2, Sage Huerta
Man on Street#1, Naiomi Mitchell
Woman on Street, Jasmin Ruiz
Man on Street #2, Miles Hagness
Fred’s Wife, Sage Huerta
Woman at Party, Jasmin Ruiz
Topper, Audryahna McGillic
Fezziwig, Naiomi Mitchell
Dick, Miles Hagness
Voice of Young Boy, Audryahna McGillic
Carolers, Sage Huerta, Jasmin Ruiz, Audryahna McGillic. Naiomi Mitchell
Julianna Carrillo, Props/Sets
Sasha Contreras, Props/Sets
Diego Esquivel, Props/Construction/Sound
Alan Femat, Props/Construction
Rachel Fernandez, Art/Props/Sets
Miles Hagness, Props/Sets
Rogelio Hernandez Ruiz, Construction Foreman/Curtains
Sofia Mayorga, Spot Light/Seamstress/Props
Audryahna McGillic, Art/Props/Sets
Jordyn Medicine Cloud, Props/Sets
Ariana Perez, Props/Sets
Mia Preciado, Art/Props/Sets
Erik Ruiz, Construction/Props/Sets
Jasmin Ruiz, Art/Props/Sets
Isabel Tolotti, Light Panel/Seamstress/Props/Makeup
Deisy Ruiz, Back Stage Lights/Understudy