Class Clowns keep us laughing

Class Clowns keep us laughing

By Omar Guerrero Posted May 29, 2013

We all know that one person who, just by being themselves, can make us laugh until we cry. They are the people who can put a wide smile on your face just by doing something or even just talking. They are the class clowns.

When you think of someone who is funny, Alec Mayo will probably come to mind. Everyone knows the kinds of things he does and just how funny they can be.

“He makes fun of his sister a lot, who is Maddie Mayo, and it’s pretty funny because he is always really mean to her and it’s just funny. He doesn’t take anything seriously and he makes super serious moments really funny. He’s very clever, quick-witted and his facial expressions are hilarious and his laughs and jokes are pretty funny,” said Eric Brooks.

“Get your juice in the hood,” said Mayo.

This story definitely fits junior Nate Eldodt. He’s the type of person who just by being himself gets a laugh out of someone.

“I’m just a big hairy living American machine. I don’t do anything funny, you know I just live my life and people find comedy in it,” said Eldodt.

Another class clown is freshman Clay Erquiaga who everyone can get along with and can just be humorous without even saying a word.

“I think I’m funny because I’m able to twist any situation no matter how tragic or sad and make it kind of funny. You know, bring humor to everyone’s life, I bring humor to everybody,” said Erquiaga.

“Clay’s funny because he can’t pronounce “TH” right and is easy to prank,” said Jacob Hales.
Clay is one funny guy who is big into movies and television shows and can rehearse a scene word for word without any effort and it’s pretty cool.

These class clowns are all funny in their own ways. To be funny comes naturally to them. They don’t have to try to make someone laugh, they just do.

Nate Eldodt entertains his teammates at basketball practice./Ron Espinola• The Brand
Nate Eldodt entertains his teammates at basketball practice./Ron Espinola• The Brand