CLASS OF 2022: ‘We May Be Slow But We Can Go Go Go’

CLASS OF 2022: ‘We May Be Slow But We Can Go Go Go’

By Kailey Franklin and Megan Cook


The class of 2022 has faced many challenges as they attended kindergarten through senior year. From playing on the elementary playground to discovering who they are as a person during high school they have stuck together and experienced it all together. Preparing for high school was a big deal.

“Learning and gaining advice from superiors such as older siblings and friends prepared me for what to expect in high school,” said Ayden Katzenmeyer.

Many life lessons were learned before high school and taken with them as they entered the glass hallway on the first day of freshman year.

“One thing I took from my past entering high school was that you can’t be afraid of confrontation and you always have to stand up for things you think are right even if others don’t agree with you,” said Valeria Valdez.

The students of 2022 spent their time before high school figuring out who they wanted to be and began their journey to achieving their goals their freshman year at Lowry.

Most of the students in the class of 2022 attended elementary school together. Whether they were a Super Grass Valley Kid, a Sonoma Tiger, or a Grammar School Frog they all came together in French Ford as a Falcon.

They then stepped into the next stage of their lives when entering the gray double doors at the junior high. Junior high was their first experience of seven classes a day and was preparation for high school. They began to discover their interests whether it was clubs or sports or academics; everyone found their place.

Their success would then be taken with them to the last level which was high school. Eighth-grade teachers began preparing the students for what to expect in high school which put a gleam into their eyes of what the next four years of their lives would look like.

“I’d say for the most part I am living up to my 5th-grade predictions,” said Mackenzie Swensen. “I know in some ways I’ve fallen short but there are others where I feel I have exceeded the expectations I had set for myself.”


On the first day of freshman year, the class of 2022 entered the glass hallway at Lowry High School. That very day they had their first assembly as Buckaroos which welcomed them to the new school year.

Many of them began to participate in sports and clubs and began clicking with the people that would become their lifelong friends. They now got to experience the thrill of a spirit week, the adrenaline of being under the lights at a Friday night football game while listening to the school song.

They learned that being a Buckaroo was important to them and they understood that many memories were going to be made over the next four years.

“My favorite memory was probably the bus rides,” said Cody Long. “So many memories were made on those trips.”

Being at Lowry shapes students into who they are and helps prepare them for adulthood. The community is unique and special for each student.

“I think part of what has shaped me is growing up in a small community where I was able to create relationships with my teachers and have close friends throughout the years,” said Ava Zebroski.

At the beginning of their sophomore year, the class of 2022 knew the ropes of high school and were ready to take on the year. They weren’t expecting the biggest curve ball that they ever had to face; COVID.

On March 13, 2020, an announcement was made that school would be released for two weeks due to a new virus. Every student celebrated not knowing they wouldn’t see their classmates for the rest of the year.

When junior year began each student only went to school for half of the week. Lifelong friends could have ended up on different days of the week and students that did physically see each other had to be separated and in a mask and sports had limited 6-week seasons. By the end of junior year, they were all able to go back full time but still without being able to see each other’s faces.

The entire class stuck together through it all and had high hopes which paid off. As senior year approached sports became normal again and school was a go. All seniors were back together for one last year which they definitely made the most of.

They are very thankful to be able to have in-person graduation along with senior prom and to be able to celebrate their last moments as a class that grew up together.

One of the biggest goals of the LHS staff is to make sure that all students feel prepared for what lies ahead of them. Lowry provides many classes for seniors which help to do so.

“I feel prepared for my future because of my Anatomy class with Mrs. [Alexis] Mattson because I plan to pursue a degree in Kinesiology,” said Tyler Morrison.


The class of 2022 is set and ready to accomplish their lifelong dreams.

“Hopefully drinking a cup of coffee watching the sunrise on the front porch of my own ranch house,” said Bailey Hayes.

The bright seniors of Lowry are destined to accomplish great things in the future.

“The best invention in 20 years will probably be a brain plant that helps control certain hormones that could fix brain cancer,” said Terick Paulsen. As technology advances today Paulsen is hopeful for what is to come in the future of technology.

Many students plan to settle down and have their own families.

“In my future, I plan to become a range manager for the state of Idaho’s Forest Service,” said Peyton Cassinelli.

Cassinelli took Agriculture communications, science, and mechanics at Lowry which made her interested in this career path.

Lowry has prepared these students to have a successful life in the future and to make an impact. Everywhere they go they will carry Buckaroo pride with them.