Year in sports

Year in sports

By Olivia Espinola and Danielle Scott Posted June 9, 2022


Lowry varsity volleyball had a good season this year with teamwork and wins. Compared to last year, the girls pulled through and worked together to have a winning season this year. The girls have done well this season. The team will be changing next season due to some seniors leaving and going on their own journeys.

“We have been playing and practicing super hard and have had a lot of ups and downs, at the end of the day we all got each other’s backs and have done a lot better than teams have in the past,” said Saige Kirchesh.

Seniors: Kadence Cooney, Lyndsee Dove, Saige Kirchesh, Alexis Olson, McKenzi Petersen.


Their hard work this season will cash in for years to come. Although they have had a difficult season, the players have shown they are capable of working together and improving each game. This varsity football season has shown how the team can come together as a unit.

Seniors: Joseph Garci, Iysis Arriola, Troy Manske, Giovani Sapien, Roberto Lopez Vidal, Miguel Varela, Cody Long, Angel Diaz, Boni Jacinto.

Girl’s Soccer

The varsity girls put hard work and dedication into their 2021-2022 season. This year the girls got a new coach, Mrs. Cristina Cuevas, this was exciting for them as they were ready to see what they could accomplish with her as their coach. Their season went well as they beat a lot of teams outside their conference.

“The best one was finally beating Fallon, at home with a hat trick scored by me,” said senior Elizabeth Aguilar.

Seniors: Elizabeth Aguilar, Emily Backus, Nichole Burke, Kayleen Creamer, Kenzi Dowd-Smith, Vanessa Pacheco, Arianna Ruiz, Mackenzie Swensen.

Boy’s Soccer

This year’s boy’s varsity soccer had a successful season as they made it to the playoffs where they lost 4-1 to South Tahoe. Throughout the season they came together as one whole team, getting along with all their teammates. The season started out poorly with an 0-4 record, however, it was still memorable because of how great teammates.

“The best thing I think is just playing with my teammates, I think they make the season the best,” said Andrew Bravo.

Seniors: Yahir Avalos, Andrew Bravo, Omar Castaneda, Ramiro Gutierrez, Johan Silva, Jonathan Villalobos, Jordan Wirthlin, Damian Zaragoza-Mendoza.

Girl’s Golf

The Lady Bucks teed off before school was even in session and enjoyed a lot of success throughout their season. Not only did these girls have a blast on the course but also off. The team said the team trips made the season memorable, and they are excited for next year not only for the trips but to see how their strength as a team grows. In one of their tournaments, Bailey Hayes scored a 93 and ended in 3rd place.

“Our team is very small in comparison to some of the other teams we compete with so it is difficult for us to be competitive as a team, however individually we are doing well,” McKenzie Rupp.

Seniors: Bailey Hayes.

Cross Country

The team won several meets including the small division school at Reed High School. They qualified for regionals this year and even had Jovi Kuskie and Ivan Roa as regional cross country champions. Kuskie won this year’s state competition for cross country and set a new course record with a time of 19:15 while Ivan Lara and the boy’s team finished 5th individually and as a team. The cross country team has worked hard for years, and it has only made them stronger in each competition.

“All the years of training, the countless workouts, and all the blood sweat, and tears had finally all paid off in that very second,” said Kuskie.

Seniors: Jovi Kuskie, Eduardo Calderon, Angel Huerta, Tyler Morrison.

Girls Basketball

According to the first-year coach Jesse Zamudio, the season went well and the players have learned a lot. The girls were in Las Vegas fighting for a state title, The girls had a very successful season; they finished almost undefeated, due to the losses against 5A Las Vegas schools. This season, the varsity girls had the opportunity to visit Vegas multiple times. They participated in two tournaments in Vegas, and the state championship was also held in Vegas.

“My favorite part of the season was taking state, it was the same feeling that you get when you accomplish a goal,” said Emily Backus.

Seniors: Emily Backus, Kaytee Delaney, Jovi Kuskie, Alexis Olson, McKenzi Petersen, Hannah Whitted.

Boy’s Basketball

They had a great season coming back for the first time in almost two years of not playing. They ended up with an overall record of 15-11. The team had a great season. Since they were not able to play last year because of COVID-19 they wanted to make it as great as possible for the seniors who would be leaving.

“This was my last season playing basketball and since we didn’t have a season my junior year we decided to make it as good as we could,” said senior Ismael Magaña.

Seniors: Iysis Arriola, Kaiden Boyles, Zach Fernandez, Ismael Magana, Cal Peters, Giovanni Sapien.


Over the season, the wrestling team has had its ups and downs, but they have worked hard to make it to state in Boulder City, Nevada. After the Anual Wrestling State police escort, Coda Nichols placed at state

“Overall it has been my best season,” said Boni Hernandez. “I will miss the coaches pushing me to the heights I never thought I could reach.”

Seniors: Asher Garner, Jesse Hawkins, Angel Huerta, David Hunter, Boni Jacinto Hernandez, Jorge Ochoa, Hunter Smith.

Track and Field

This year the track team had multiple athletes who went to state. The boy’s track team placed 7th overall, and the girl’s track team placed 4th overall. Shot Put – 3rd Jesse Jeronimo, 4th Nomar Aguirre. Discus – 3rd Nomar Aguirre. Men’s High Jump – 3rd Gunner Bradley. Men’s Pole Vault – 1st Shaun Gilliland, 3rd Kaid Sanchez. Women’s 100 Meters – 2nd Elizabeth Aguilar. Women’s 200 Meters – Emily Backus. Women’s 1600 Meters – 1st Jovi Kuskie. Women’s 3200 Meters – 1st Jovi Kuskie. Women’s High Jump – 2nd Hannah Whitted, 4th Mckenzie Petersen. Women’s Long Jump – Emily Backus. The Lowry girls 4×100 relay team also earned 1st place. Those members were Emily Backus, Ellanora Petersen, Sydnee Pettis, and Elizabeth Aguilar.

Seniors: Gunner Bradley, Scot Brown, Eduardo Calderon, Tyler Carpenter, Angel Diaz, Jeramie Drobny, Miguel Esquibel, Nikolas Jung, Cody Long, Roberto Lopez Vidal, Tyler Morrison.

Boy’s Golf

Landon Esquivel and Cal Peters made it to state after placing 5th and 9th respectively. The team did well throughout the season, placing in the top three at several tournaments. Seniors Seamus Maloon and Hunter Smith did well, however, did not make it to state.

Seniors: Seamus Maloon, Cal Peters, Hunter Smith.


Throughout the season, the varsity softball team faced many challenges. However, they came out of the season with a 19-17 overall record and a 13-8 league record. They faced multiple injuries and were put in situations that made them better as individuals and more cohesive as a team. This year the team was able to go to two tournaments. One was in Chico California and the other was in Las Vegas Nevada and finished the season by qualifying for and hosting the regional tournament.

Seniors: Saige Kirchesh, Peyton Cassinelli, Kadence Cooney, Kenzi Dowd-Smith


The baseball team finished 6-19 and 5th in the 3A North-East. However, success can be about more than numbers.

“I think the season went pretty good overall,” said Zach Fernandez. “Although we didn’t quite make it to playoffs we certainly had a good season. We definitely improved from the beginning of the year, and really started coming together towards the end. I definitely noticed us having a ton of fun together and just really enjoyed the game of baseball.”

Seniors: Kaiden Boyles, Zachary Fernandez, Joseph Garcia, Ismael Magaña, Brendan Robinson.


In comparison to other, larger school’s swim teams, Lowry had a relatively small team which makes it difficult to win swim meets, however, eight of the nine swimmers qualified in one or more events for regionals. This season boys have been 5-7 and girls have ended with a record of 3-9.

“I am very pleased with the amount of individual growth we have seen this season,” said coach Mckenzie Rupp. ”We have a good mix of brand new to competitive year-round swimmers.”

Seniors: Matthew Lizanetz, Zoey Thies.