Senior Roundup: Elizabeth Aguilar, Kenzi Dowd, Katelin Noyes

Senior Roundup: Elizabeth Aguilar, Kenzi Dowd, Katelin Noyes

By Staff Posted June 9, 2022

What was your favorite thing about senior year? What was your favorite thing about senior year?

EA: My favorite thing about senior year was that I put myself more out there and took the time to do activities and interact with my class a lot more.

KD: My favorite thing about senior year was not going for the full seven-class day, that was definitely a plus.

KN: My favorite thing about senior year was having four off periods, it was nice to have a long lunch and time to do my homework that was due that day.

Overall, how were your high school years?

EA: Overall my high school years were good. Sophomore and Junior years would have to be my favorite. Senior year is just a bittersweet realization that everything is coming to an end.

KD: My high school years were short but they were fun! Even though I got robbed of a couple.

KN: My high school years were very eventful. There’s truly not a word to express how stressful yet rewarding these four years have been. I recommend making the most out of them.

Who will you miss most?

EA: I will miss all the good times, always having friends around, and just having fewer responsibilities.

KD: I think I’m going to miss all of the Connors, Mayo, and Peters. Oh, and Fifield the most, I can’t pick just one. They all played pretty big aspects in my life whether it was for laughs or someone I needed to talk to.

KN: I’ll miss the underclassmen who have wormed their silly little ways into my personal life and I guess my sister. The late-night fast food/Redbull runs accompanied with off-roading on the dirt roads or being idiots in the local parking lots have really completed my high school experience. Thank you, I love you guys.

Who was someone that helped you or was by your side all through high school?

EA: I would say Andrew Bravo was by my side throughout all of high school. We helped each other to keep moving forward, and continue to do so. On top of all that we made some unforgettable memories. I would also say my best friend, Vanessa Pacheco, I’ve known Vanessa since kindergarten and we reconnected our sophomore year playing soccer. We have been there for each other ever since. I’m thankful for these two and glad they were by my side.

KD: This last question is hard, many people were, so its hard to just narrow it down to one. I bounced from person to person as well so it was never just one person helping me. I’d say that almost every teacher that I’m close to has always helped me.

KN: The person by my side throughout high school was my teachers, specifically Mrs.Odoms and Mrs. Mattson. Although the others are just as important, they helped me through the stupid high school drama and self-anxiety while also completely roasting me. Also, Mrs. Mattson’s candy jar definitely aided me through this last year.

What did you like most about your sport/activity?

EA: At Lowry, I played soccer for three years and ran track for one year. My favorite thing about soccer would have to be that we had to work together as one. Also, the friendships created and passion I’ve grown for soccer. My favorite thing about track was that I was competing within myself to improve. I did cross country for four years and track for two when I was younger. I wish I would’ve done it all four years of high school, but glad I’m going out my senior year doing it.

KD: I play two sports but my top sport is softball and what I like most about it, is that I never know what will happen in a game, you could think one thing is going to happen and the complete opposite does and I love it!

KN: What I like most is the engagement. I’m a very social person and I got to not only talk and be social during leadership activities but at our assemblies and games.