Class of 2023 – Plans for your future…

Class of 2023 – Plans for your future…

By Alexis Galarza Posted June 8, 2023

Angel Acevedo Mora Plans not submitted.

Carlos Aguilar Just want to get a job in town.

Leticia Aguilar My plan is to be part of SSR Marigold’s summer student program. Then attend UNR for fall semester to major in Mining Engineering and minor in Business.

Damon Aitken Plans not submitted.

Viviana Alanis I plan on going to school to become a Veterinary Technician.

Natalie Albertson My plans for after graduation is to become a successful firefighter paramedic.

Julian Almanza Plans not submitted.

Braidyn Anderson Mechanic.

Enrique Armejo After I graduate I plan on staying in Winnemucca. At the moment am hoping to attend GBC and pursue a career in electrical. 

Alexandra Arredondo I plan to move to Reno, find an apartment, and attend UNR for a  business degree.

Ryan Arrien To go into the electrician apprentice program.

Lazaro Arvayo I plan to go to great basin for the electrical program and work at the mines after that.

Jose Avila Garcia Plans not submitted.

Brenton Baker I am enrolled in Wyotech. After I graduate I will go to a welding school to complete my education in trades

Christopher Barajas To work at the mines.

Jason Barbosa Join the military and be a mechanic.

Alexandra Barocio Plans not submitted.

Belen Barocio Plans not submitted.

Giovanni Barrenechea To go to community college Great Basin in Winnemucca, Nevada.

Erick Bergenheier… Attend Adams State University in Alamosa, Colorado to pursue a degree in Social Studies Secondary Education and become a teacher. 

Jordan Bills Attend Boise State University to receive a degree in business.

Madison Bishop I will continue to do classes at Great Basin College. I am halfway done with my Associate’s of Arts with an emphasis in education and graduate college May 2024.

Jaylie Blatzheim Plans not submitted.

Lance Brinegar My plans after high school is to go to college, try to make good money and hopefully have a stable living.

Benjamin Briseno After High school ends I will be attending Great Basin Community college and work towards obtaining my Associate’s degree in Nursing.

Consilia Brown After high school I have been debating to either be a tattooist or to get into the music industry. 

Dyllan Brown After graduation I want to pursue my education in a trade school at UTI and get welding certified and major in automotive.

Joshua Burgos Stay in town to save money and then leave the state after I’m comfortable with the amount I have.

Jasmine Carrillo Plans not submitted.

Jocelyn Carrillo Go to LA and go to college.

Dante Cassinelli I plan to get Money.

Marquette Cassinelli My plans after graduation is to continue working on my degree through Great Basin College.

Otila Castaneda Elementary Education.

Johanny Catalan Plans not submitted.

Michael Cates Plans not submitted.

Warren Cervantes My plan is GBC and going into electrical after my schooling at GBC.

Kayliann Chapman I plan to go to college for psychology to become a children’s psychologist.

Liliana Chavez After high school I’d like to move to Reno and attend Paul Mitchell Cosmetology school. Then I would like to pursue my dream at a salon. 

Alexandra Chavez-Leyva After high school I plan on moving to Utah and going to SLCC and study for real estate.

DeonDre Coffee Plans not submitted.

Brennan Colman I will be attending GBC and take their electrical and instrumentation courses. 

Brianna Contreras Go to Reno to study business.

Kyra-Lee Cook Plans not submitted.

Megan Cook My plans after graduation is to attend Boise State University to study accounting and finance. 

Tye Cooper Plans not submitted.

Kevin Cordeiro Plans not submitted.

Jessa Cox Plans not submitted.

Shaun Cramer Plans not submitted.

Briana Cruz-Ruiz Plans not submitted.

Lilly Custis My plans after high school are to go to college for nursing to become a labor and delivery nurse.

Isaac Danner After high school I plan on attending Universal Technical Institute in Avondale, Arizona to get a degree in welding.

Frank Davis I plan on staying and working in Winnemucca while studying at GBC.

Kiley Dayton Plans not submitted.

Ariana Diaz After high school I plan on going to college.

Jairo Diaz I plan to go to the mines to work underground.

Jesus Diaz Plans not submitted.

Raymond Diaz Plans not submitted.

Walter Dollar To be a mechanic at the Dodge dealership. 

Bree Dunckhorst I plan to attend GBC and get an Associate’s Degree in Nursing. While in nursing school I plan to work as an EMT at HGH EMS. 

Jacey Elordi Plans not submitted.

Priscilla Esquibel My plans after graduation is to transfer from GBC to TMCC to continue working on my Associate’s degree. After this I would like to transfer to UNR. 

Tawnya Estrada My plans when I graduate is to become a CNA and to traveling more. 

Rodger Facey Attend Utah Tech, get my bachelor’s and work towards a career! During the summer I will work on a farm and maintain equipment. 

Hezron Dee Fernandez After graduation I will work to save up some money and go to college.

Damon Fetty Plans not submitted.

Alfredo Figueroa Move to a different state.

Gillian Finn I am going to go to college and get my doctorate in psychology.

Kamren Fisher Plans not submitted.

Jesus Flores Work, Improve on myself, set my goals, maintain good relations with family, and make sure I’m on pace for greater things.

Savannah Foley Work at Circle Ten Ranch in Athens, Texas before attending The University of Montana-Western and get my bachelor’s degree in Equine Studies

Kailey Franklin I plan to earn an Associate’s of Science degree and eventually attend dental hygiene school. 

Dylan Frost Plans not submitted.

Trisha Fulkrod To go to college and get a job as a teacher. 

Robert Gabriel Get a job and start saving some money.

Adam Gamble Plans not submitted.

Ruben Garcia Plans not submitted.

Violet Gay Working a job while still learning how to tattoo.

Joseph Gear Plans not submitted.

Shaun Gilliland Plans not submitted.

Deven Gomez I plan on attending Universal Technical Institute in Avondale, Arizona to pursue a career in welding.

Omar Gomez Plans not submitted.

Adan Gomez Navarro Plans not submitted.

Maria Gonzalez Going to college in the medical field.

Kalib Gordon Plans not submitted.

Jeremiah Grasmick Plans not submitted.

Emma Gray Plans not submitted.

Sandivelle Guerrero Plans not submitted.

Braden Hammargren Plans not submitted.

Summer Rain Hampton Take a gap year and work. Then go to nursing school.

Olivia Hanninen Plans not submitted.

Taylor Hawkins Plans not submitted.

Mia Hernandez Go to TMCC and study fire science and meanwhile during the summers fight fires with the BLM.

Ivan Hernandez-Ruiz Plans not submitted.

Derek Hotz I plan to take a year or two after high school to become as stable as possible and save enough for college and go through medical training to be a veterinarian.

Shelbie Hoyt My plans after high school are to attend the College of Southern Nevada and play softball. I plan to receive my bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene.

Colton Hunt I plan on going into trade school and seek further education with welding. 

Alayha Jackson.. I’m planning on studying psychology at Southern Illinois University. 

MattieRose Johnson I plan on going back to our family farm to continue it. 

Lexa Jones Become a CNA.

Cali Keith I plan to take a year off work full time and then attend MT State UNI to take generals and other courses that will help me purse becoming a psychologist. 

Charissa Kramer Plans not submitted.

Bryanna Larson I’m going to try to find a job that works for me, and try to make some money before making any final decisions.

Callie Lombardi Plans not submitted.

Juan Lopez Barajas My plans are to Go work at the mines or drilling chase that bag

Sharon Lopez-Hernandez Plans not submitted.

Stephanie Lozano-Chavez I like to go with the flow and see where the day takes me, if anything I hope to make a YouTube channel and work at a coffee shop.

Abigail Magaña Plans not submitted.

Emilio Magaña After high school I plan on taking over my family’s construction company.

Gracie Marchand Plans not submitted.

Jada Matheny Plans not submitted.

Madison McColgan Plans not submitted.

Austin Mejia Morfin My plans are to continue my education and acquire a degree and begin my career. I plan on moving to a city and support my family.

Abraham Mendoza Plans not submitted.

Gabriel Mendoza My plans for after high school are to pursue a career in either welding, construction, or roofing. So I would like to get a bachelor’s degree.

Kaylee Miller I plan on attending GBC to get my business degree. Sometime after college I would like to open my own dance studio! 

Corbin Minyard Plans not submitted.

Marianna Mobley Plans not submitted.

Itsel Monroy After graduation I plan to move to Texas where I will open my own automotive customization and repair shop.

Caden Montero Attend Idaho State University.

Samuel Moore Plans not submitted.

Wade Mori Go to the College of Southern Idaho for culinary arts. 

Thomas Moser After graduation first I’ll be working, like a lot. Then after a trip to Germany I’ll be joining the Army. From there God only knows. 

Felix Muñoz To work and try for college.

Juliette Murdock After graduation I will be attending UNR with a major in sociology and eventually I will be as lawyer. 

Victorya Murillo Work.

Julian Neff Plans not submitted.

Coda Nichols Plans not submitted.

Simon Nicholson I am going to Houston, TX for school after graduation.

Noah Nigro Plans not submitted.

Allivia Nimmick Plans not submitted.

Isaiha Ortivez Plans not submitted.

Christian Paniagua I want to be a welder or become a miner.

Hunter Parker Plans not submitted.

Trevor Parker Plans not submitted.

Gavin Paulsen After I graduate I plan to find a good paying job and join the workforce.

Arian Perez Get my basics at GBC and transfer to a university to study secondary education in History. 

Chantal Perez My plans are to go to college to study electrical, instrumentation and to get my Associate’s degree.

Michael Perry Plans not submitted.

Ellanora Peterson I plan to continue in GBC to get my Associate’s and later on I am going to transfer to UNR.

Cadence Pettis Take time for myself then probably cosmetology school

Sydnee Pettis Plans not submitted.

Kaden Quintal Plans not submitted.

Ryleigh Raabe Plans not submitted.

Kaylee Radtke I plan to go to the University of Nevada Reno and study for my bachelor’s degree. 

Derek Raffath Plans not submitted.

Jesus Ramirez Plans not submitted.

Jocelynn Ramirez I plan to work. I have no clue what I would like to do.

Kenneth Reese My plans after high school is to get a job at Carry On the get my dream truck from my buddy.

Diego Reyes Plans not submitted.

Jason Riley Plans not submitted.

Hector Rivera After school I am heading to Idaho and I will be working for BLM and will be getting an apartment. 

Ivan Roa Lara Plans not submitted.

Marcos Rodriguez My plans after graduation is to do good in life and get a good paying job at the mines.

Jennifer Rodriguez Serrano Plans not submitted.

Ana Romero-Macias Plans not submitted.

Ashley Rookstool Working during the summer and then going to college.

Joshua Rosas After high school graduation I’m going to college to get an electrical and art degrees, And get a job at the mines and do comic stories online.

Miles Rowberry Work at the cemeteries.

Ashley Ruiz I plan to work in Winnemucca for one more year, after that year I plan to move too Fort Worth Texas to start my business and my career as an entrepreneur. 

Jasmin Ruiz After I graduate from high school I want to study sociology and maybe invest in stocks.

Marco Ruiz Plans not submitted.

Trever Rupe Plans not submitted.

Kaid Sanchez Plans not submitted.

Logan Sandvig Once I graduate I plan to go to college. After college, I plan to go into the mines and stay in Winnemucca. 

Kadence Schmittel I will be moving to Colorado to attend Trinidad State Junior College for nursing.

Justin Scott I will attend the University of Idaho with a major in mechanical engineering and a minor in mathematics. 

Shelbi Shanahan Going to GBC in Winnemucca.

Kaysen Shepardson To work as an auto mechanic after going to a trade school.

Litzi Silva Ramirez I plan on going to college.

Jeremiah Simmons Plans not submitted.

Jazmine Smartt Going to college to learn about being in the medical field.

Ashlee Smith Plans not submitted.

Ulises Strickler Plans not submitted.

Lorena Talavera My plan for after high school graduation is move to Reno and go into the workforce.

Jayden Taylor I am leaving for Chicago and starting my career in the Navy.

Tyson Terry Plans not submitted.

Lilly Thomas Go to Elko and become a diesel mechanic for Nevada Gold mines.

Hannah Thompson I plan on going to Texas and starting college to get my teacher’s degree along with interning at a ranch.

Leslie Torres After graduation I plan to move to Elko and attend AM Beauty Institute.

Jaxon Unrein I plan on going to Cashman in around Mountain to be a heavy duty diesel mechanic and complete the Cashman on the job diesel technician training.

Travis Urain Plans not submitted.

Ryan Utterback Plans not submitted.

Justin VanBuren Plans not submitted.

Juliana Velazquez Plans not submitted.

MaKenzie Voges My plans for after graduation are to go to college to become a veterinarian and also to raise high quality livestock for kids to show. 

Sarah Wiggins Work as an artist.

Ayden Wigglesworth After high school I am continuing my education with an architecture degree. In the near future I would like to be working as an architect with large company.

Ariana Wilson Look for a job.

Layne Wolf I want to get out into the workforce and start building up a savings account, and build up my life.

Alexander Yelverton Plans not submitted.

Adriana Zepeda My plans after high school is to continue on living, and working.