CTE Student of the Week

CTE Student of the Week

By Megan Cook Posted January 12, 2022

Mr. Don Walton from the CTE department chose Rachel Fernandez to be Student of the Week. Rachel is a focused and bright student.

“Since the first day in August, Rachel has submitted assignments correctly and on time,” explained Walton. “She listens to instruction quietly and learns content easily. “Rachel has excellent technical reasoning skills that allow her to correctly draw object geometry. It is a pleasure to have her in my CADD I class.”

CADD stands for Computer-Aided Design and Drafting. Students in that class draw and design 3D shapes and objects on the computer. Rachel loves to work with computers.

“My brother did it  [CADD] when he was in high school all four years and he really liked it,” said Rachel.

Rachel plans to continue learning and designing architectural objects by continuing to take the class in years to come