Cussing in the 21st Century

Cussing in the 21st Century

By Carly Bell Posted April 17, 2013

When we were young our parents or guardians taught us not to cuss because it was offensive and rude. Do you think if people stopped teaching others it was bad to cuss that those words would still mean what they do? What if you replaced every bad word with couch? Would couch be a bad word then? “Go to couch!” If there were no “bad words” then would our parents, or grandparents, think that this generation was less rude and or useless?

If you can take away the meaning of a bad word, it’s just another word. We need to stop implying that words are mean, stop making them offensive, and make them worse than what they are.

Hopefully, in the near future, there will be no bad words because we stop teaching our kids that they mean rude things.

I don’t know if I enjoy cussing, or not. I went from never cussing, to swearing every day. Boys say when girls swear it isn’t attractive because it lessens their appeal, and makes them sound too rough.

Also, in this crazy world, our generation makes words up or changes the meaning of words, such as sick and dope. We also make up acronyms. IDK, GTH, LMAO, etc. The way we text has impacted the way we talk and think. Kids think that it’s okay to cuss if it’s in an acronym.

It is scientifically proven that cursing can release stress, and blow off some steam. You’re working outside and all of a sudden a bar falls on your fingers and your nails are bleeding and you scream out “couch”. Saying this will let off steam and take some of the pain away.

Using profanity casually just lowers the opinions of our generation.

So my question is how come it’s ok for guys to cuss and not girls? The nation we live in is still very sexist. It really angers me. So much to the point where I want to cuss.