What to Watch: ‘42’

By Josh Shaver Posted April 19, 2013

The movie “42” is being released today. The movie is about the legendary baseball player Jackie Robinson.

The movie is an inspiring biopic about when Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in sports. The movie takes place just years after World War II when the Dodgers general manager Branch Rickey decided to recruit a black baseball player for the first time. Robinson faced racism everywhere he went, and even from his own teammates. After he proved himself as one of the best players in the majors he earned a ton of respect from, not only his teammates but fans.

Before Robinson went to the majors he was playing in the Negro League for the Kansas City Monarchs. Robinson also played football for the Los Angeles Bulldogs after his discharge from the military.

When Robinson was at UCLA he received a varsity letter in basketball, football, baseball, and track. In the MLB the number “42” is retired on every team out of respect for Robinson

Without Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier for blacks, it would have been a lot longer process for blacks to be allowed to play. The movie is definitely one to watch.