Disney Stars Destruct

By Taylor LaTray Posted October 16, 2013

As if the public and everyone else in the world hasn’t been keeping up on Miley’s path to destruction, I would like to bring a new light to her situation.

Disney seems to be the perfect life growing up and children can only dream to have the lives these stars live. However, the Disney life must not be the perfect life it appears to be because Cyrus has joined the path to destruction that several other stars have fallen into; such as Lindsey Lohan, Amanda Bynes, and even Mary Kate and Ashley Olson.

Although Miley Cyrus seems to be sincere in her reasoning for her naked debut in her music video to “Wrecking Ball”; society still does not accept her ways. Even after a wretched performance at the VMA’s Cyrus still managed to top the charts with her single. What we don’t realize is the impact such behavior has on the younger generations. Cyrus remains famous in a younger crowd but is leaving a very negative influence for these young adults and even younger children, making it seem okay to parade around in undergarments being provocative and inappropriate. If this is what our younger generation looks up to, it’s frightening to wonder what society will be like in 15-20 years or now.

Personally, I am a Miley fan. I do enjoy her music and support her bold decisions, just not the decisions such as her practically naked videos and performances. However, it’s her decision to stand up for herself and do as she pleases that I support. Even her decision to cut her hair, as beautiful as it is. But being a Cyrus supporter or not, Miley does have a very negative impact on society seeing as she is a role model to so many young individuals

On another note, we have been discriminating against Miley, but we haven’t stopped to ask why she made a sudden destruction. Nobody felt bad for her at first or was worried. When Miley first cut her hair or performed at the VMA’s we shook our heads in shame and disapproval. What if Cyrus needs help, parental guidance, or has just collapsed under so much pressure? Why so much judgment? There’s so many people publicly shaking their body and acting the exact same as Miley but because they’re not famous, we don’t care.

We have put the pressure on Miley, as have her parents; and we are partly to blame. Let the girl do her thing. She’s not the only person leaving a negative impact on future generations.