District educators honored at fourth annual Senior Choice Awards

District educators honored at fourth annual Senior Choice Awards

By Sierra Sherburn Posted June 2, 2010

On May 20, the Fourth Annual Humboldt County School District Senior Choice Awards Banquet was held at the Winnemucca Convention Center. The ceremony was sponsored by the Mining Industry Foundation. Recipients included teachers from the Lowry High School, French Ford Middle School, Grass Valley, Sonoma, Winnemucca Jr. High, McDermitt Combined, and Winnemucca Grammar School.

To receive the award teachers must be nominated by senior students. After the nominations, the names then go to a committee where they are then decided if the teachers will receive the awards or not. For the teachers to win, their name has to be nominated more than once, and a reasonable explanation for why they deserve it.

When Ron Beck, one of the recipients, was asked how he felt about receiving the award he replied, “It is a great honor to be recognized doing something you like to do and it is even more special when it comes from the students themselves. It helps to validate if what you are doing matters. It charges me up.” This was Beck’s third time winning the SCA and he feels lucky every time he is selected.

Lynn Ludlow, a four-time winner of the SCA says, “It is overwhelming to know that kids recognize what you do when we don’t think that they are getting it.” She was very surprised to earn the award this year, since she is no longer a teacher, but as a counselor now.

The Senior Choice recipients were: John Aberasturi, Andy Anderson, Ron Beck, John Brooks, Lisa Conn, Cera deArrieta, Dolores Detweiler, Michele Doyle, Ron Espinola, James Gilboy, Corrine James, Dorene Kitras, K.C. Kracaw, Kathi Kuretich, Lynn Ludlow, Amorita Maher, Keeli McClintick, Vicki Meissner, Char Owen, Juanita Pardovich, Nancy Plummer, Courtney Rorex, Teri Stein, Mark Westmoreland.

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