Do’s and Don’ts: Halloween

By Miranda Buttram and Savannah McDade Posted October 20, 2010

When celebrating Halloween there are some essential regulations that need to be addressed before any sort of immature shenanigans takes place on the date of October 31, 2010:

Do: Dress up
Don’t: Accept homemade candy

Do: Keep your options open.
Don’t: Stay at home by yourself.

Do: Stay on your toes; because if you see a suspicious character running towards you with a chain saw and a hockey mask, he may have homicidal intent.
Don’t: Play Jumanji.

Do: Over-indulge in junk food.
Don’t: Drive under any influence (excess sugar included).

Do: Learn Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” dance.
Don’t: Irk the holder of the headless horseman’s skull.

Do: The Monster Mash
Don’t: Be stingy when passing out candy.

Do: Take a tip from Columbus and avoid public restrooms.
Don’t: Fall in love with a vampire despite their sparkly appearance.

Do: Keep a clove of garlic within reaching distance.
Don’t: Let the Sanderson sisters put a spell on you.

Do: Be nice to Casper (he’s a friendly ghost).
Don’t: Dare say “Betelguese” (BeetleJuice) three times.

Happy Halloween!

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