Econ Student of the Week: Dempsey Jenkins

Econ Student of the Week: Dempsey Jenkins

By Josie Jenkins Posted 28, 2023

Dempsey Jenkins was chosen by Ms. Laura Mercado for his hard work and dedication in her Economics class. 

“He is just doing really well in my economics class,” Mercado said. “Which is not a very easy subject to grasp.” 

Jenkins is a hard worker and shows dedication in his classes, which has led him to be selected for Student of the Week. 

“I think she chose me as Student of the Week because I have been working hard to get everything turned in on time,” said Jenkins. 

Jenkins comes to class with a good attitude and the motivation to pass his class which made him stand out from the rest of Mercado’s students.

“What motivates me to go to her class every day is the feeling I know I will have when I pass the class with a really good grade,” said Jenkins. 

Overall Jenkins is an outstanding student with a bright future ahead of him.